Friday, 19 March 2010


I couldn't resist! So, as you all know, Kate Moss is a huge fan of the show, and although I've got a busy schedule I did find time to meet up with her last night. And, can I just say, she was an absolute blast! And, yes, she is as stunningly beautiful in the flesh - but I tell you, more importantly, she was real. None, of that celebrity pretentious shit; well, not with me anyway.

Gasp! Does this mean that I'm on her level? You know the word I'm trying to say! C*L*BR*TY! Deep breaths! No! Well, maybe! I know I haven't done Vogue, yet, but I think I'm going to be on the cover of the Braintree and Witham Times this week. That's the local newspaper where my mum and dad, Pat and John live.

Anyway, let me tell you the reason I dare to gasp the word C*L*BR*TY about myself - I'm going to make this short. Last night, I'm with 'The Moss!' Well, actually, I got so close to her, at the end of the night we decided I'm just going to call her 'Mmmmmm'. Oh, don't let me forget, she had her gorgeous boyfriend with her as well, Jamie Hince - he's in a band called The Kills. I didn't know that! But he was also very nice, in fact, he was bloody hot!

Back to me; so I'm out with Mmmmmm, then I get a text from Miss Bunton telling me that she is at Robbie Williams’s intimate, private gig, and he is talking about me on stage! I'm sorry, I know the word C*L*BR*TY gets thrown around all willy nilly nowadays, but forgive me if I dare to gasp the word.

But in such company, I think I'm allowed, aren't I? At least, just for one night!

I was going to invite them back for a cup of tea, but I had no milk in. And her downstairs, she always moans when I have girls round; the noise of their heels on the laminate flooring penetrates right through.

As we left, security asked me if I would like to be taken out the rear! Gasping once more, and it wasn't for the word C*L*BR*TY that time, I replied, 'No, I'll be exiting by the front door tonight, thank you.'

And I didn't even get a flash! Let alone papped!

Right, that's me done, I wasn't meant to be blogging today, I'm far too busy. I'm off to do Absolute Radio.

TV, Radio, Press! Really!


  1. Yes, Louie you are a C*L*B*IT*Y! About time we had a 'sleb' with a bit of talent and personality and you have oodles of both! Best of luck! Caz xx

  2. If only we had more C*L*B*IT*I*S this world would be a happier place - please never change always be FABULOUS XXX

  3. you are a natural

  4. Louie, you're a fabulous ray of sun shine and just thinking about your C*L*BR*TY brightens an other wise dull hum drum day. God bless you and all who sail with you.

  5. LuLu, your twinkle toes are barely touching the ground! Go sister! xx

  6. You know, there is so much drivel on tv that it is a rare treat to come across someone who genuinely makes you giggle!

    Louie you are a tonic for the soul darling, don't ever change...

  7. Louie,

    I think you are billiant and just to prove how fascinating I find you... I have NEVER EVER followed ANYONE on twitter or blogs before.

    HAHA a breath of fresh air hunni xxx

  8. Louie please indulge your celebdom you are FANTASTIC! You have got everyone dancing around their living rooms on a Thursday night and lots of people blogging about the show! Hurrah long live PDS :-) x

  9. We all love louie in our family you are soooo funny to watch xx the rudgeys

  10. Louie you are the best thing on TV at the moment ur so funny! comedy genius!
    You should have your own shown on like every day!
    Love u
    jay xxx

  11. Louie you are fab xxxx

  12. You ARE a c*l*br*t*y and unlike most of them, you're actually talented as well...Louie for Prime Minister I say! LOVE YOU

  13. You are the best person to be on tv in years louie, i love Pineapple dance studios and any other show you make an appearance on is worth watching just for you. your fabulous!